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I Feel So Sad - CD By Dr. Beris Konetschnik

Losses are an unavoidable part of life. How you handle them determines the quality of your life. I would love to be perpetually happy, but that’s totally unrealistic. I don’t think pretending to be happy is a viable way of living, because reality catches up with you at some stage.

There is purpose in sadness, in grieving. It is the only way that we are able to let go of the pains and disappointments of yesterday in order to be able to embrace our tomorrows. There is a way to do “sad” well. And that’s what this CD is about.

I try to do “sad” well. Actually I journal every day – it is a prayer journal, and the purpose of this is to help me process the grief’s in my life with the help of God and then move on. It has been an indispensable part of my daily routine for more years than I can remember. Maybe you might find a routine like this helpful for you also.

But regardless, I hope you will find this CD a healing experience for you.
Sample Audio From 'In The Slow Lane - I Feel So Sad':
In The Slow Lane with Dr Beris Konetschnik
I recently lost my 83 year old mother. I am finding the CD very helpful - soothing and calming, as I try to come to terms with this enormous loss. Your voice is very comforting Beris. Thank you.Dianne W
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