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Colours of the Rainbow - CD By Dr. Beris Konetschnik

When you are feeling downcast and blue and the weight of the world is on your shoulders, then the CD "The Colours of the Rainbow" would be really helpful for you.

Depression is a debilitating place to be, and one needs all the help one can get to find the way out of the negativity. This CD gives hope, energy, and a different perspective. It provides a much needed message to help your self esteem, create different self talk and enable you to embrace your tomorrows.

I hope you will enjoy this CD as it progressively changes negative thinking into positive "can do" optimism.
Sample Audio From 'In The Slow Lane - Colours Of The Rainbow':
In The Slow Lane with Dr Beris Konetschnik
I particularly like this CD because I love colours, and the tone of Beris’ voice is very good to listen to. The meanings of the colours are a good reminder for me during the day of the positives in each colour. I have this CD on my phone so that I can listen to it at any time. It’s also very good during the night if I can’t sleep. It gives me a mind and body experience which I find very valuable. I’ve told lots of people about Beris’ CDs. Judy O’Neill
I have a daughter aged 9 who happened to listen to this CD with me. She'd been having nightmares, and her sleep was disrupted. She's just about memorised the CD and is now sleeping fine with no nightmares. Thank you Beris. Ruth R
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