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The Climb - CD By Dr. Beris Konetschnik

I don’t think anybody lives a charmed life without problems or challenges. Challenges can make or break one.

I’ve certainly been through my battles in life, and sometimes life seemed like one long battle. But I did get through, and I know I’m the wiser for it. Seeing my battles or my journey as part of a bigger picture has been very helpful for me, and helped me not to panic when I couldn’t see past the next step. This CD reflects such a journey.

I’m particularly fond of the music in this CD. Sometimes I just listen to the music, and tune out the words. Indeed it’s a total package for you, the listener.

I hope you enjoy this CD and find encouragement for the battles in your journey.
Sample Audio From 'In The Slow Lane - The Climb':
In The Slow Lane with Dr Beris Konetschnik
My wife was dying from cancer. She used to listen to the CD " The Climb" as well as " Colours of the Rainbow" over and over again. They gave her peace of mind, relieved her anxiety and lessened her pain. I will always be grateful for these CDs that gave my wife a peaceful end. Kevin W aged 72
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