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I Feel So Anxious - CD By Dr. Beris Konetschnik

“I Feel So Anxious” is the CD I had to make for this generation – a generation of anxiety.

When consulting with people with anxiety, it becomes obvious just how crippling anxiety or fear is. This CD does help you to relax, but it is above all informative about all those crazy feelings you experience in your body, that try to bluff you into submission. There is a rational explanation about anxiety and its manifestations, and simple things to do to confront it. Learn that now, and see how different your life can be. The transformation can be amazing.

Sample Audio From 'In The Slow Lane - I Feel So Anxious':
In The Slow Lane with Dr Beris Konetschnik
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I think this is the best CD you have produced yet. It is comprehensive and factual and I would recommend it highly.John de JongPsychologist
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