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I Feel So Angry - CD By Dr. Beris Konetschnik

I chose to do a CD about Anger, because it’s like the big bad wolf of emotions.

I’ve led recovery groups for dysfunctional relationships in the past, i.e. groups where people wanted to develop relationships in their lives that really worked. We used a workbook in this group. In the workbook, there was a chapter on Anger - Chapter 5. As we would approach the chapter on Anger, everyone would become so agitated and anxious about what they might find out about themselves. And when they had finished the chapter and found out the worst about their anger, there was such relief. They no longer felt captive to their anger. They understood it, and were thrilled by the possibilities that were now opened up to them.

I hope this CD will help you understand anger and not be held captive by its perceived negative power, and realise the positive potential in your anger.
Sample Audio From 'In The Slow Lane - I Feel So Angry':
In The Slow Lane with Dr Beris Konetschnik
I got sacked yesterday. It was unfair. I stewed about it all day and most of the night. Then I listened to "I Feel So Angry" and was asleep before the end of the CD. PhilAged 54
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