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In The Slow Lane

In The Slow Lane is a range of professional theraputic CD's that can be used in conjunction with mental health therapy, or as an alternative to therapy. They are available for purchase below. Click any CD for more information.

The CD's were written and recorded by Dr Beris Konetschnik they contain some of her most valued and practical wisdom. These are some of the messages that her patients have most appreciated. So now you can access her words of encouragement and wisdom on these CDs wherever you are and whenever you choose.

CD for dealing with Anger with Dr Beris Konetschnik
I Feel So Angry
Feeling anxious, Dr Beris Konetschnik can help
I Feel So Anxious
Struggling through life, go on The Climb with Dr Beris Konetschnik
The Climb
Discover the different colours of the rainbow with Dr Beris Konetschnik
Colours Of The Rainbow

Don't know where to Draw the Line, learn where with Dr Beris Konetschnik
Drawing The Line
Trouble falling asleep, Good Night Sleep Tight with Dr Beris Konetschnik
Good Night Sleep Tight
Feeling Sad by Dr Beris Konetschnik
I Feel So Sad
Attempted suicide or know someone who has?
Dr Beris Konetschnik has produced some wonderful CDs to carry her therapeutic voice to patients everywhere. The CDs have been professionally produced, and have excellent sound quality that gives Dr Konetschnik a clear, resonant and calming voice. She has the perfect rhythm and pace to take listeners on relaxation and self help journeys.Dr Frank MeumannGeneral Practitioner and Medical Educator
In The Slow Lane with Dr Beris KonetschnikIn The Slow Lane with Dr Beris KonetschnikIn The Slow Lane with Dr Beris KonetschnikIn The Slow Lane with Dr Beris KonetschnikIn The Slow Lane with Dr Beris Konetschnik
I am deeply envious of the CD’s that you have produced – the style, packaging and content are first class and you should be commended for them.Dr Doug CarterPsychiatrist and Director of Brief Therapy Centre